Whytecliff Park // Mar 04 2018

After waking up almost 3 hours after I said I would, my roommate, Lindsey, and I went on a little adventure out to Whytecliff Park and Horseshoe Bay. It was really nice just exploring the beach and the little cliffs around it. We went into the little Horseshoe Bay village to grab a quick snack, and it's so wild how similar the little bay looks to places like Halfmoon Bay and Picton back home in New Zealand. I love it so much.

On the way home we took a couple detours. One was up to a look out point on the road up to Cypress Mountain with an incredible view over Vancouver, and the other was actually just a 3 minute drive up the hill from our place in North Burnaby.

Definitely a good day, and hopefully I can start going on more adventures as it starts warming up a bit!